Passion Doesn't Have to be Just a Buzzword / by Andy Oliver

One of my faults is an unfortunate undercurrent of cynicism. I might call myself a "cheerful pessimist" like I heard Alain de Botton call himself in an interview, but it's easy for the pessimist to overtake the cheerful if I don't stay vigilant.

One of my common bouts of bad attitude pops up when I hear about how one should just follow one's passion and everything else will fall into place. That always seemed too simple to me, and not practical. But this morning I came across this article on Explora, B&H's media portal thing, about photographer Forrest Mankins. One quote really stood out to me:

If you're passionate about something, there's a good chance that a lot of other people are too, and usually with a bit of creativity and much hard work, that avenue can become a career...

That's fantastic. I think it's what everyone has been trying to say with the follow your passion thing. But Forrest Mankins was the first person I've heard articulate it in a useful way.